Gyrovator ZLX

The Gyrovator ZLX from Mahindra is a rotary tiller with exceptional features, designed for noise-free and easy usage. It can be finely calibrated to suit a variety of applications, and watertight sealing means it works on both wet and dry land. The five models all are engineered for longer lives and greater performance.

Mahindra ZLX Gyrovator is a tractor mounted and PTO operated implement which does 3 operations at a time.i.e. cutting, mixing and levelling of soil. The Mahindra ZLX Gyrovator is equipped with Multi Speed Drive & it offers wider range of rotor speed ratios.


Gyrovator SLX

The Gyrovator SLX series of rotary tillers is equipped with a bigger rotary shaft and bigger blades to offer the best quality of pulverisation. The three models in the SLX series are made for FARM IMPLEMENTS/ AGRICULTURAL TOOLS different width requirements, while all offer reliable performance, greater depth and zero-leakage technology.

Mahindra Gyrovator SLX is a tractor mounted and PTO operated implement. Does 3 operations in one time.i.e. cutting, mixing and levelling of soil. SLX series is extremly useful for heavy and sticky soils.


Laser Leveller

The Laser Leveller uses a 650nm Class II laser for precise field measurement and levelling. By creating an absolutely level field, the Laser Leveller allows for even soil moisture distribution and better germination, enabling farmers to reduce water wastage and cut costs.


Rice Transplanter LV63A (Riding Type)

The Rice Transplanter LV63A has a 20HP engine to power through wetlands. Available in six- and eight-row models, this riding-type transplanter makes planting rice easy with its four-wheel drive and power steering. With its precise transplanting technology, it enables better yields and lower operational costs.


Rice Transplanter MP-46

The Rice Transplanter MP-46 is equipped with a 5 HP motor, rubber lugged wheels, and easy, accessible controls, to make planting rice an effortless process for farmers. The single-cylinder, air-cooled engine enables faster operation, while the automatic float adjustment mechanism ensures uniform depth in planting.


Fertilizer Spreader

Essential in ensuring better yields, the Fertilizer Spreader replaces the need for manual labour. An advanced metering system ensures uniform distribution, reducing both costs and time.

Mahindra Fertilizer Spreader has been specially designed for spreading fertilizers in the field.This technology has been introduced for the first time in India. This machine is a three point linkage mounted implement and can be transported from one place to other.


Sickle Sword

Connected with a three-point linkage mechanism and operated via a tractor’s powertrain, the Sickle Sword has a double-action cutter bar for swift, efficient cutting. It can be operated at variable speeds, and is easily detachable. Its unique floating mechanism follows the soil profile, and its robust construction and wear-resistant blade ensures equipment longevity.


Cane Thumper

A self-driven cane cutting solution, the Cane Thumper is powered by a diesel engine, empowering farm mechanisation and greater productivity. This multi-utility implement comes equipped with a wear-resistant blade for easy and rapid cutting of sugarcane.



At the final stage of farming, the Harvestor is an essential implement for every farmer. This fully automated harvesting solution is a smart choice with its sturdy design and low fuel consumption. With its adjustable cutter bar, it is suitable for harvesting a wide variety of crops, from wheat to paddy to soyabeans.



The Mulcher has been specifically designed for crop residue management. Applicable for sugarcane, banana, papaya and coconut crops, it mulches crops at 1800 RPM, working with tractors from 55-90 HP. Working only on the soil’s surface, the mulcher is not detrimental to soil quality.



The Shredder is an implement designed to shred at a high RPM. Its rotor is specially designed for managing the residue of sugarcane, cotton, paddy and wheat crops. It is easily mobile, thanks to a three-point mount, and can be used as a centre mount or offset with a tractor.



Mahindra’s Baler is made for quick and effortless baling of crops. Easily adjustable, with levers to increase or decrease bale density, the Baler has a sturdy design for sharp turns and effective coverage of field corners. Bales created are easy to pick up and reliably knotted.