Veterinary Dental Units

Why Choose Dispomed’s Highdent Veterinary Dental Unit?

Dispomed, world renowned for its veterinary anesthesia machines, has widened its range of veterinary products to include the Highdent, a line of veterinary dental equipment of irreproachable quality.

The majority of veterinary dental units on the market today don’t offer any protection against cutaneous injuries or breakage of the handpieces. Dental units for veterinarian often have a melamine shelf which is not water resistant.

We have developed veterinary dental units with a low risk of injuries and breakage due to their recessed handpieces. Manufactured in metal and painted, the Highdent is resistant to water and dirt. The Highdent Trio and Quattro are equipped with automatic handpiece selection and individual water adjustments.

These innovative features of the Highdent dental units guarantee a secure, efficient and profitable dental practice. We are very confident of the quality of our veterinary dental units and are proud to offer you a 5 year warranty on the units.

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