Veterinary Anesthesia Machine

Why should you buy the best veterinary anesthesia machines?

30 years ago, Serge LaChapelle, founder of Dispomed noticed recurring problems with veterinary anesthesia machines. The units were frequently leaking, were difficult to operate due to bad design and the repairs of products of poor quality were costing time and money to veterinarians. In addition to all this, the health of the clinics’s employees was compromise by the gas leaks.

Hoping to improve the veterinarians’s work quality, Mr LaChapelle introduced in the market a complete line of veterinary anesthesia machines manufactured in Canada by Dispomed, the only veterinary manufacturer integrating the highest quality standards available in the market.

Known worldwide, the Moduflex veterinary anesthesia machines are used in the majority of universities across North America and numerous facilities around the world. Dispomed offers a wide variety of anesthesia machines designed for all types of patients ranging from laboratory animals like mice all the way to 300 lb (136 kg). All Moduflex units come with a 5 year warranty.

With every purchase of a Moduflex Anesthesia machine you also receive a free start up kit which includes rebreathing bags, a patient circuit and an 8 foot oxygen hose (2,4 m).

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Veterinary anesthesia accessories

Our anesthesia accessories like our cylinder holders are proudly made in Canada with the highest market recommendation and safety rules.

If your patient security is the priority at your clinic, the patient circuit alarm is the number 1 accessory to have. This small alarm will warn you if the pressure in the animal lung is reaching a dangerous level. The circuit alarm will also alert you if you forget the evacuation valve close after ventilating your patient.

The anesthesia products we distribute

We also distribute several quality veterinary anesthesia equipment and supplies allowing you to have a complete anesthesia set-up for your clinic. We keep in stock a wide range of vaporizer, from Selectatec TM  to screw-mount, with all the different filling system available on the market for both Isoflurane and Sevoflurane.

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ssinstrumentnew Endotracheal Tubes, Connectors and Stylets
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ssinstrumentnew Anesthesia Ventilators
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