S. S. Instruments Inc. is a young farm equipment & animal healthcare company based out of NCR, India exclusively representing and consulting some of the most admired International brands in Agriculture, animal healthcare and related industries.

Our primary focus is on marketing of farm equipments/ hospital/ medical/scientific/ laboratory equipment, devices and instruments (surgical & diagnostic) of latest technology manufactured by leading business houses world-over and providing advisory services to the following clients:

  • Agricultural and veterinary scientists
  • Veterinarians & pet practitioners
  • Farm and ranch animal farm workers
  • Agricultural equipment operators
  • Animal breeders
  • Crop, nursery and green house farm workers

Why Choose Us?

  • Backed by 20 years experience of agriculture & animal healthcare market in India.
  • Govt. of India recognized import house.
  • One-stop source for all your farm & veterinary surgical Needs.
  • Experience of working with Govt. & private customers.
  • Market reputed established International brands.
  • Convenient delivery schedule.
  • Customized solutions.

We represent known global manufacturers of farm equipments and high-tech animal healthcare devices in India, offering a multi-disciplinary product portfolio catering to the fields of Diagnostic Radiology, Minimal Invasive Surgery and Imaging solutions.  We are fulfilling the needs of Indian agriculture & animal healthcare sector by equipping them with latest high-tech equipments.

Product And Services

We are authorized distributors of following products:

  1. Farm Implements- MAHINDRA RISE (leveller, gyrovator, sowing machines, fertilizer spreader, cane thumper, sickle sword, shredder, mulcher & baler)
  2. Animal Healthcare Equipments-
    1. Anesthesia Machines- DISPOMED (Moduflex) , Canada
    2. Endoscopes- OPTOMED, France
    3. Wireless Endoscopes-Dr. FRITZ, Germany
    4. Dental Workstations- DISPOMED ( Hident) , Canada
    5. Operating & Examination Tables – DISPOMED(Vet tables), Canada
    6. Vet Ultra-Sonography & Color Doppler System – SONOSITE, USA/JAPAN

Our Consultancy & advisory services includes

  • Managing and attending meetings to consult customers on their Agricultural business planning, development, financial stability, growth and implementation strategies. This can also include planning applications to relevant Governments, new ventures, preparing and modifying operational plans etc.
  • Consulting on rural business advisory services to agricultural and veterinary institutes/ agricultural research centres/farmers etc. on milk, meat and wool producing farms and link them to market for better returns and to deliver continued prosperity.
  • Examine specific environmental impacts and factors that may affect livestock breeding, crop production/growth as well as studying more effective/efficient ways to distributing produce.
  • Liaising with authorities in ministry of agriculture, MANAGE, NABARD regional offices, banks and state agriculture and allied departments.
  • Identification and evaluation of agriprenuers business or technical requirements, measuring performances and analyzing datas (of cultivation techniques, soil fertility, crop yield, animal productivity, socio-economic factors) and providing customised solutions to improve the farm performance.
  • Empower agricultural community with best of cultivation practices (PoPs) through introduction of most relevant advances in farm technology, management practices & agricultural know how and work towards transfer of technology from lab to field.
  • Introduction of affordable, cost effective animal healthcare services for farming community/ breeders/animal welfare & rescue centres/ municipal corporations/ milk co-operatives/armed forces/drug testing labs etc.
  • Analyze agro-market trends to provide critical inputs for business productivity planning, development initiatives and formulation of new farm management strategies.


We are expert in complete surgical & livelihood Entrepreneurship Development activities, Rural Development and Sustainable Agriculture , Agribusiness Management & Animal Welfare & Healthcare Initiatives.

Other than the products we exclusively represent & advisory services we offer, we distribute a wide variety of high quality surgical & diagnostic products, everything for your surgery and examination rooms.