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MODUFLEX Anesthesia machine

A complete line of veterinary anesthesia machines and accessories like ventilators, vaporizers and mores manufactured in North America by Dispomed, the only veterinary manufacturer with the highest quality standards available on the market that combines ingenuity, sophistication and practical common sense.


HIGHDENT Dental Delivery unit

Dispomed Highdent™ line has the least noisy compressor on the market, a cabinet which can’t rust and recessed hand pieces to avoid injuries. You can even choose your


DISPOMED Vet-tables

Our surgery and exam line of tables are designed to offer superior stability and ergonomics. Vet-Tables are available in many different configurations.


Dr. FRITZ Wireless Endoscopes

The wireless & cordless generations of digital LED video endoscopes by Dr. Fritz for gastroscopy, Bronchoscopy, laryngoscopy & cystoscopy. Have inbuilt integrated camera system & LED light at the tip instead of bulky optical glass fibre bundles.


Sonosite Ultrasound

FUJIFILM SONOSITE Portable Ultrasound & Color Doppler Systems. Industry-leading, most dependable & durable veterinary ultrasound machines for equine, large animal, small animal, zoo mammal, and marine mammal medicine. Offers mobility, ease of use, reliability & durability.Our customised probes are tested tough, offering durability without sacrificing the high-resolution imaging you'd expect from cart-based systems


OPTOMED Digital Endoscopes

A powerhouse of features for precision explorations in an easy way with sharp & high quality images, wide field of view and available in various sizes and thickness for gastroscopy, bronchoscopy, urethra-cystoscopy &


OPTOMED Digital Daily Scope

Advance scalable video scope for use from the consultation room to surgery room. A real medical imaging system always ready to use. Can be connected with any rigid or flexible endoscope.



The Gyrovator from Mahindra is a rotary tiller with exceptional features, designed for noise-free and easy usage. It can be finely calibrated to suit a variety of applications, and watertight sealing means it works on both wet and dry land. The five models all are engineered for longer lives and greater performance.


Rice Transplanter

The Rice Transplanter is equipped with a 5 HP motor, rubber lugged wheels, and easy, accessible controls, to make planting rice an effortless process for farmers. The single-cylinder, air-cooled engine enables faster operation, while the automatic float adjustment mechanism ensures uniform depth in planting


Sickle Sword

Connected with a three-point linkage mechanism and operated via a tractor’s powertrain, the Sickle Sword has a double-action cutter bar for swift, efficient cutting. It can be operated at variable speeds, and is easily detachable. Its unique floating mechanism follows the soil profile, and its robust construction and wear-resistant blade ensures equipment longevity.


Fertilizer Spreader

It has been specially designed for spreading fertilizers in the field. This technology has been introduced for the first time in India. This machine is a three point linkage mounted implement and can be transported from one place to other.